TOTALDAC由VincentBrient2010年在法国离圣米歇尔山不远处创立,VincentBrient还在求学时便开始设计音响设备,创立Totaldac前曾经花了几年时间跟随JohnWestlake学习设计与量测技术。Westlake1995年就设计过PinkTriangleDaCapo解码器,后来还有Audiolab傲立M-DAC与CambridgeAudio剑桥的DACMagic,可以说是数字领域的天才。VincentBrient最感兴趣的是数字电子分音方式,将高、中、低频讯号在DAC之前就做好分音,然后再送到功放或有源音箱,由于市面上所有的解码芯片都无法做电子分音,所以他决定自己设计DAC,整个计划花了15年时间才完成。因为公司规模不大,而且设计都是 Vincent Brient 亲力亲为,所以 Totaldac 更像客制化产品,为需要系统最高性能的发烧友生产高保真 DAC(数模转换器)和流媒体。匹配的前置放大器、功率放大器、扬声器和电缆附件现在是 Totaldac 产品的一部分,可帮助您组成一个完整的 Totaldac 系统。

TOTALDAC 不仅因其分立式 R2R 梯形 DACS 获得全球认可,而且因其创新的伴随技术而获得全球认可,这导致许多人声称TOTALDAC 为他们的DACS 提供了最精致、最自然的声音。所有 Totaldac 产品均在法国开发和制造。

TOTALDACwas founded in 2010 not far from Mont Saint-Michel in France by Vincent Brient.He started designing audio equipment while still at school. Before foundingTOTALDAC, he spent several years studying design and measurement techniqueswith John Westlake. Westlakedesigned Pink Triangle DaCapo DAC in 1995, and then Audiolab M-DAC and Cambridge AudioDAC Magic, can be said to be a digital genius. Vincent Brient was mostinterested in the digital electronic tone splitting method, in which the high, medium and low frequency signals were divided beforethe DAC, and then sent to the power amplifier or active speaker. Since all thedecoding chips on the market could not do the electronic tone splitting, hedecided to design the DAC by himself. It took 15 years to complete the entireproject. Because of its small-scale and Vincent Brient's hands-on design,Totaldac is more of a custom product, producing high-fidelity DACS andstreaming media for hobbyists who need the highest performance in theirsystems. Matching preamplifiers, power amplifiers, speakers, and cableaccessories are now part of Totaldac products to help you assemble a completeTotaldac system.

TOTALDAC has gained world-wide recognition not onlyfor its discrete R2R trapezoidal DACS, butalso for its innovative accompanying technology, which has led many to claimthat TOTALDAC provides the refined, natural sound for their DACS.

AllTotaldac products are developed and manufactured in France.