Viva Audio

Viva Audio 建立在意大利工艺的百年传统之上,传统技术结合创新技术、数十年的音频专业知识和优质材料,创造出令人难以置信的音响系统。从先进的放大器到先进的扬声器和家庭影院系统,Viva Audio 为高端音频设备树立了标准。Viva Audio系统忠实地以最真实的状态提供原始录音。无论是古典独奏会还是协奏曲、爵士乐表演、舞蹈混音还是电影配乐,Viva Audio 都会将其变成您想要一次又一次重温的非凡体验。Viva Audio设备荣获众多专业奖项,在意大利设计和手工制作,并在全球销售。

Viva Audio 是 Amedeo Schembri 的心血结晶,Amedeo Schembri是领先的音频专家和声音专家之一,他于1996年与他的兄弟Giampietro Schembri 一起创立了该公司。Amedeo负责监督产品开发的各个方面,从概念化和设计到完成,而 Giampietro 负责 Viva 的业务开发和营销。

为了追求完美,Amedeo Schembri 与Viva Audio 的设计顾问Alessandro Costanzia di Costigliole密切合作。Alessandro 是一位著名的建筑师和工业设计师,也是米兰 blueArch 设计工作室的创始合伙人。

   Sergey Chilaya是 Viva Audio 的董事总经理。他拥有康考迪亚国际大学的国际工商管理学士学位。在加入 Viva Audio 之前,Sergey 曾在 Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited 担任商业顾问,该公司是四大会计师事务所之一,也是全球最大的专业服务网络公司之一

   Marco Peverati是 Viva Audio的首席工程师。他是一位受过专业训练的音乐家,也是巴洛克音乐方面的专家,经常与古典表演者合作,担任音响和录音工程师。

Built on the centuries-old tradition ofItalian craftsmanship, Viva Audio combines cutting edge technology, decades ofaudio expertise and quality materials to create the incredible sound systemsavailable anywhere.   From the advanced amplifiers to state-of-the-artspeakers and home theater systems, Viva Audio sets the standards for high-endaudio equipment. Viva Audio systems faithfully deliveroriginal recording sound in its authentic state. Be it aclassical recital or a concerto, a jazz performance, a dance mix or a motionpicture soundtrack, Viva Audio will turn it into an experience that you willwant to relive again and again.The recipient of numerous professional awards,Viva Audio equipment is designed and handcrafted in Italy and distributedworldwide. Viva Audio is the brainchild of AmedeoSchembri, one of the world’s leading audio experts and soundspecialists, who founded the company in 1996 with his brother GiampietroSchembri. Amedeo oversees every aspect ofproduct development, from conceptualization and designto finishing, while Giampietro is in charge of Viva’s business development andmarketing.

In his quest for perfection, AmedeoSchembri closely collaborates with Alessandro Costanzia di Costigliole, VivaAudio’s Design Consultant. Alessandro is a well known architect and industrialdesigner and a founding partner of the blueArch design studio in Milan.

Sergey Chilaya is VivaAudio’s Managing Director. He holds a B.A. in International BusinessAdministration from Concordia International University. Before joining VivaAudio, Sergey worked as a business consultant for Deloitte Touche TohmatsuLimited, one of the Big Four accounting firms and the largest professionalservices network in the world.

Marco Peverati is VivaAudio Chief Engineer. He is a professionally trained musician, and an expert inBaroque music who regularly collaborates with classical performers as a soundand recording engineer.